Turkey’s new reality

Turkey’s new reality

File_000Today Turkey had the most historical event probably since the Republic was found. There has been a few times that the country went through a transformation but the difference is, at each one of them it was by the force of Military. One interesting thing is that there’s a pattern to this. Throughout the 20th century the countries of the world that were dominated by the Western Powers were precisely controlled by their military. It can be seen mostly in Middle East, Latin America and Eastern Asia. Some examples of this are: the current Syrian Regime came to power by a military coup,  Libyan Muammar Gaddafi, Pinochet of Chile. Not as prolific were several dictators of Turkey’s who came to power through four different military coups that kept the country at bay though decades.

After so long this tactics being used against them, People of Turkey got sick of it. When the current AKP came to power in 2002, the vast majority of the people thought that they finally had control of their Nation. But of course, it was a farce. The West has changed the strategy. They saw that Turkey was changing, so the tactics became to control in a more civil way. And AKP had the full support, not for long though. Starting from 2010 Referendum and 2011 Parliament Elections, both of which was a landslide win, AKP started to change tone. When previously it was more of democracy, human rights, European Union and liberty, now it started to be more like traitors, foreign powers, states of enemy and so. It was all too familiar. The old game that Orwell might have just enjoyed to observe.

And it worked! For five-six years now the rhetoric of the governing party in Turkey has been using the fear of “the unknown”, religion, patriotism for winning election after election. But it was never enough. They said that in order to get everything under control the head of state should be given full powers. Because only then all the “foreign powers” who want worse for Turkey can be defeated. With the help of almost full control of the media and strong use of recent unsuccessful coup it seemed like the population bought it.

However getting only 51% of the votes in referendum, is a huge blow to their confidence. Nobody dare to criticize the government today. Those who are in the opposing side of the voting are daily announced as terrorists, traitors, Western puppets. But still against all the odds, contrary to what it seems a 70-80 percent support to the Party is in realty a mere 50%. That is why this is such an interesting case. Winners are losers, losers are winners.

Or are they? There’s going to be a presidential election in Turkey soon. And only after then will the newly elected president get those powers that this change will grant. What powers you ask? The new head of state will obviously also be head of executive branch, head of the Party (so head of the legislative branch), will appoing most of the Judges at different branches of the judiciary together with the Parliament, so – more or less – head of the judicial branch. AKP side say that this bring a stability to the country which in effect will bring prosperity and peace. Opposing sides say that it will bring more abuse of powers, human rights abuses, curbed freedoms which in effect will bring a dictatorship.